Samsung Sch-U340 Review – A Introduction To The Samsung Sch-U340 Wireless Phone

The Intercept has a black face and resembles many from the Samsung cousins with rounded corners. Offers bright and thick silver accents for its rim. Size wise, the phone is not sleek. It has a dimension of four years old.43 x 2.19 x 0.59 inches and weighs 4.9 oz. The back cover has a nice touch feel as its made of sentimental touch piece. The phone is perfectly decent looking handset but lacks a sleek body which is found in other Samsung’s QWERTY items.

The Samsung SCH-U340 flip phone operates on both the CDMA 1X 800/1900 MHz digital band and the 800 AMPS analog staff. The phone handles multiparty calls and retains data on missed, incoming and outgoing phone calls. The phone book stands up to 500 alphanumeric entries plus Sim memory (Up To 250 additional names/numbers. Standard talk-time battery life is 3.5 hours and long-life talk time battery takes up to hours. Standard standby is up to 220 hours and long-life standby may last for up to 350 ages.

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Apple iPhone organiser features include address book, calendar, world clock, alarm clock, calculator, notes, conference calls, maps with Google maps, Full QWERTY predictive keyboard and the gw990 OS By. The new Mac OS X operating product is based with the large multi-touch colour visual display unit. The QWERTY keyboard provides quick straightforward input method, where the users can type messages automatically without needing to correct all the typing dilemmas. Its Google map application for you to in viewing maps, satellite images for their handset. This Google map option assists in navigation and track. The widgets option gives the updates of live stock and weather reports.

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