Beginners draw a small trick of rocks!Teach you to easily draw a rock background!

How does the rock stone painting simple? How to learn painting? If you are all about painting beginners, you are often thinking about it. I don’t know how to learn good paintings, then painting something you want to draw

So today’s Ling cat classroom is collected online. Some tips about the presenter who draw rocks! Teach you to easily draw a rock background! The tutorial is very simple, hurry to look at:

Use the concentrated water painting pen . Firstly, the rock demolition ground is appropriately depicted.

The new layer is then cooked with a gray rock shape.

Newly built a layer, roughly depicting the side of the light irradiation.

Under the layer that is just produced, a new layer is made, roughly depicting the dark portion of the rock.

It is a bit green gray, cut with eraser tools, with a sensible species of moss.

In the feeling of holes, plus a point.

With a white color, the boundary of the dark portion and the bright portion is added to the edge with a G pen or the like. Set the direction of the edge to the same.

The part of the back is added to the brunette gradient.

Place the reflected light in the place where the back is. Because the ground is green, I have to choose green.

Striped in the rock around, the illustration will tighten.

Finally, the shadow of grass and rocks is completed!

By the way, you can search: Ling cat classroom, or open your mobile phone, add your friends box: Ling cat classroom, one-click attention, learn no worries! There are a lot of illustrations of illustrations, every day, teachers guide your illustration techniques online, let your lazy cancer can’t escape, focus, free, it is true, it is really free!